Poor Mobile Phone Coverage in Saughall

The Parish Council has for some time been attempting to persuade the major phone networks and Ofcom to increase their network coverage in the Saughall area.  The Council has also complained about the situation to The Secretary of State, with very little success.

So it was fantastic when two members of the community approached the Council and offered to survey the village to provide an analysis of the problem.  We are indebted to Jack Hughes and Victoria Byrne who have now submitted a comprehensive study to the Council with evidence of the problems of the lack of proper mobile phone coverage in the area.

Jack is a resident of Saughall and a student studying Social Sciences at the University of Manchester.  Their motivation behind the research resides with a mixture of personal interest in the topic and a frustration with the status quo.

Their full 37 page analysis can be viewed by clicking here.

A brief summary is that they surveyed 346 residents of Saughall and asked them a series of questions.

Amongst the responses was that 302 (87%) reported their mobile signal to be either ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’.

The worst network provider was ‘Three’ with a 95% chance that the user experienced ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’ network coverage.

Overall a staggering 98% of respondents answered ‘Yes’ when asked whether something should be done about Saughall’s network coverage.

Jack and Victoria are joining Saughall Councillors at the Cheshire Association of Local Councils AGM in October to propose a Motion to be taken to the National Association.

The Council will be moving the following Motion at the Annual Meeting of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils on Thursday, 20 October 2016:

‘Many villages and areas in Cheshire and other counties too, are mobile phone signal deserts!  They have serious difficulties in receiving a signal.  Consequently, customers who are resident in such areas should have discounted tariffs or the providers should improve the signal.

Our economy needs good communications. Many businesses and organisations depend on mobile phones.  In the 21st Century people’s expectations are high and mobile phones are a necessity.

Therefore, this meeting calls upon the Cheshire Association of Local Councils to lobby the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport along with Ofcom, the communications regulator, to carry out urgent reviews of this unacceptable situation, with the purpose of bringing about the changes required to resolve this frustrating and unacceptable situation, to the benefit of all of those people who are currently affected by poor mobile phone signals.’

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